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Afghanistan incoming mail from Italy. Cover sent on 11/5/1922 from Firenze to the Italian consulate in Kabul franked for 80 ct. Transit in Peshawar on 5/6/1922 was sent to Kabul where was applied the 20 paisa stamp (SG n 178a) to collect the internal postage. Oval negative seal for taxed cover addressed to Kabul used to kill the stamp. RARE MIXED FRANKING.
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Afghanistan, censored cover sent from Mazare Sharif on 15/1/1934 to London, England, via Termez, URSS (currently in Tajikistan), on 25/1/1934. Opened for censor control and resealed by paper with handwritten words in arabic. After the assassination of King Mohammed Nadir Shah, on 3 November 1933, at the beginning of the new reign of Mohammed Zahir Shah, it was briefly implemented control mail through the postal censorship. This envelope is the rare witness of that short period of transition. ONE OF THE MOST RAREST CENSORSHIP ON THE WORLD.
2500 €Not Sold
Austrian Levant in Turkey, levant stamps used on folder sent from Constantinople on 27/1/1872 to Livorno via Brindisi. Uncommon postage of 33 Soldi for this folder purified by two disinfection slits. VERY NICE AND SCARCE RATE
480 €Not Sold
Austrian Levant in Turkey, levant stamps used on folder sent from Constantinopel on 27/1/1872 to Livorno via Brindisi. Uncommon postage of 33 Soldi for this folder purified by two disinfection slit. VERY NICE AND SCARCE RATE
250 €Not Sold
Austrian Levant in Turkey, part of new papers wrapper franked with Levant stamp of 3 Soldi, sent from Costantinopoli on 22/10/1879. RARE with turkish fiscal stamp.
200 €Not Sold
Proof Bahrain. 1984 Courvoisier Progressive proof of "100 Years of Postal Service" issue. Cardboard with embossed the "C" brand of Courvoisier. VERY NICE AND RARE.
200 €210 €
Egypt, Registered cover franked for 13 mills at reduced rates for shipments within the same city, sent from Port Said on 24/4/1893 to the 1st. section of the Headquarters company of Suez Canal. SCARCE.
100 €Not Sold
Egypt, OHMS cover sent by air from Cairo on 27/6/1931 to England. Franked for 45 mills and added two air mail advertising labels. NICE and SCARCE.
30 €Not Sold
Egypt, domestic cover sent from ARISH (Nord Sinai) on 12/8/1931 to the delta and resent to Biltan Kafr Ayed (back cancel) and Port Said. Preprinted, also in Arabic on the back flap, "7 INFANTRY BATTALION", the british corps based on the border with Palestine. SCARCE.
30 €Not Sold
Egypt, double censure incoming air mail from Sweden, Stokholm on 27/3/1943 sent via London by O.A.T. to Cairo. By paying 70ore, the cover resulting insufficiently franked and was taxed for 18mils by tax due stamps applied on the back. To notice the usual note by handwritten weight at the bottom right, where "5gr" was rectified in 6, that attests the reason of the taxation and consequentially the air mail rate for 5 grams weight. SCARCE ORIGIN.
100 €Not Sold
Egypt, airgraf sent from Port Said on 18/12/1943 to England and airgraf form unused with the postage fees of 40 mill request for the service paid by an Egyptian stamp. UNCOMMON.
50 €Not Sold
Egypt, domestic cover with letter sent from Camp Caesar on 23/2/1954 to Cairo. Franked with the expired 10 mill stamp of King Faruk to which were added by hand in blue ink three horizontal bars that tend to resemble the overprints used by the post administration. Despite this, the envelope was considered unfranked and therefore rightly taxed for the double deficiency with 8 and 12 mill tax due stamps, overprinted in Arabic "King of Egypt and Sudan". RARE COMBINATION.
100 €Not Sold
¢ Iran Persia, group of 8 forgeries stamps made by Fournier. UNCOMMON GROUP.
40 €Not Sold
* Iran Persia, overprint on the four high value stamps (Mich. 106/II -109/II). Signed Sadri. NICE.
40 €Not Sold
Iran Persia, 1903c free franking cover sent locally in Isfahan from Prince Mass'oud Mirza Zell-ol-Soltan, Governor of Isfahan. Highly detailed M. Sadri photo-expertise. RARE POSTAL DOCUMENT.
350 €Not Sold
** Iran Persia, 5 seals of Prince Mass'oud Mirza Zell-ol-Soltan, Governor of Isfahan. VERY NICE.
200 €Not Sold
** Iran Persia, 4 seals of "Imperial Government of Iran Crown Prince". VERY NICE.
150 €Not Sold
* Iran Persia, 1909 Satar Khan issue, 500 Dinar stamp (MH) with hand stamp inverted. SCARCE.
30 €30 €
Iran, Registered double rate cover sent from Meched on 2/6/1909 to Constantinople franked for 39ch by three 13ch portrait of Mohammed Ali Shah. Nice oval seal "MECHED THE IMPERIAL BANK OF PERSIA" in red sealing wax.
50 €Not Sold
Iran, Registered high rated cover sent from Meched on 18/2/1917 franked fo 19 Krans and 4 chais. One of the highest postage recorded of the period, VERY RARE.
1000 €Not Sold
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