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Bahrain 1938/41, sixty-one copies (61) of 1 Rupee stamp in two big block, included the two bridges cross and some vertical bridges. CERTAINLY INTERESTING AND SCARCE.
200 €Not Sold
Bahrain 1966, folding presentation souvenir, issued by Harrison & Sons, containing the complete stamps set with Shaikh Isa bin Salman portrait considered the first stamps issued by Bahrain's independent postal administration (SG n 139/150). VERY NICE AND SCARCE.
170 €Not Sold
Bahrain 1990/1997, twenty (20) Advice of Delivery card form with different stamps and rate, all domestic. NICE.
30 €Not Sold
Egypt, post card "KARNAK, Sphynx Street" ed Lichtenstern & Harari, franked for 4mils by 4 copies of 1ml sent on 8/1/1907 to England from the Hotel Savoy in Assuan who used his postal cancel "SAVOY HOTEL ASSOUAN". SCARCE.
20 €Not Sold
Egypt 1941, unused official form for airgraph service with its 40mls stamp that was used to pay the costs of this special postal service also available to civilians. SCARCE.
30 €Not Sold
Persia, domestic cover sent from YEZD on 26/4/(1903) to Teheran. Franked for 5ch lion Mozafar el-din Shah. Due to the increased rate, this stamp was used solo on cover for one year only. NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, official domestic cover sent from the court of ZENDJAN on 3011/1906 to Teheran. Franked for 6ch lion rose on blue Mohammad Ali Shah stamp. NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, silk Perschelk comp. advertising cover sent Registered from Rescht on 26/5/1926 to the URSS commercial representation in Milan, Italy. Franked for 1Kr and 10ch with 2ch x 2 and 13ch x2 "Regne de Pahlavi 1926" stamps. NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, air mail cover sent from Teheran on 16/6/1929 to Aachen, Germany via Moscow, URSS (24/6/1929). In addition to the postal cancel of Russian capital, postal cancellations of Berlin and Cologne were applied along with the respective red airmail postal seal.VERY NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, Registered air mail cover sent from Teheran on 15/6/1930 to Wilhelmshafen (23/6/1930), Germany via URSS. Berlin postal cancel applied along with the red square airmail seal. SCARCE PAPER SEAL USED of JUNKERS AIR COMPANY.
50 €Not Sold
Persia, Registered domestic air mail cover sent from LINGAH on 16/12/1931 via Bouchir to Teheran. High franking for 5Kr and 17ch. SCARCE CANCEL.
30 €Not Sold
Persia, OVERLAND (handwritten) cover sent from Bender Abbas on 23/12/1931 via Alep (30/12/1931) to Berlin. NICE AND SCARCE CANCEL.
20 €20 €
Persia, Registered cover sent from Kirman #2 on 29/10/1934 to Funrstenwalde, Germany. Rightly franked for 3Kr. NICE AND SCARCE REGISTERED POSTAL SEAL.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, air mail cover sent from Esfahan on 27/6/1949 to Switzerland. Franked for 9R with six copy of 1,50R "effort for victory". NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, interesting domestic cover sent Registered from Teheran on 1/12/1949 to NO.CHAHRE where it arrived on 3/12/1949. Resending the cover was applied the new NOW.CHARE cancel with the town
30 €Not Sold
Persia, cover sent by surface service from Teheran on 18/2/1951 to Germany. Franked for 2,50R with five stamps. NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, official air mail cover sent from the British Embassy in Teheran on 17/8/1958 to Germany. Franked for 14R. NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Persia, uprated 5ch stationery card overprinted "PROVISOIRE 1319" with 1ch, sent from Teheran on 27/7/1907 to Germany (12/8/1907). INTERESTING AND SCARCE LATE USE "PROVISOIRE 1319" OVERPRINT.
50 €Not Sold
Persia, uprated 2ch stationery card with 3ch, sent from Teheran on 3/8/1914 to Germany. Due to the outbreak of World War was sent exceptionally via Turkey, rather than through the normal Russian route. Galata transit applied on 12/9/1914. EXCEPTIONAL, FOR EXIBITION.
200 €200 €
Persia, definitive 5ch stationery card "Hamad Shah", sent from Teheran on 6/1/1921 to a Post Card Editor in France (2/3/1921). In addition to the catalog's request, the sender asks for post cards with completly nude women (in French in the written text). INTERESTING "SINNER" STATIONERY.
30 €40 €
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