Lot # Image Country Description Starting Price € Sold
Aden, 1900s lot of five covers, two outgoing and three incoming. NICE.
100 €100 €
Aden, 1900s lot of thirteen unused photo post card, of Aden and neighboring areas. VERY NICE.
40 €Not Sold
Cilicia, Registered cover sent from Tarsus on 31/4/1919 to Mersina. Franked for 6 Piastres by block of six with one stamp that show a double handstamp, one inverted (Yvert n 9. Maury unrecorded error, consists at the same time of a double handstamp one of which is inverted). RARE .
200 €240 €
Cilicia, receipt of telegram form of 10 para, issued in Tarsous on 27/11/1920 per Beirut. Uncommon and scarce Turkish telegraph form without any overprint used in Cilicia. RARE.
200 €Not Sold
Cilicia, original photo with handwritten front side in Armenian translated like "Garo with the Armenian battalion uniform of the French troops for Cilicia - Beirut 13/10/1919". 12½ X 17½ cm. VERY RARE.
150 €Not Sold
Cilicia, albumine original photo of Garabed K. Solakian photographic atelier in Konia (violet seal on the back) of young couple. On the back handwritten in Armenian translated like "To my aunt Narat and family for a pleasant souvenir Konya 5/18 April 1912". 19½ X 23½ cm. SCARCE.
50 €50 €
Cilicia, original photo of Garabed K. Solakian photographic atelier in Konia (bilingual dated seal on the back on 28/April/1913) of Family group of women. 17 x 23 cm. SCARCE.
50 €50 €
Cilicia, original photo of Garabed K. Solakian photographer (signed G. Solakian 3/5/1913) of Family group of woman. 22 x 27½ cm. SCARCE.
50 €Not Sold
Cilicia, original photo of Armenian Family group dated Beirut 14/10/1925. 22½ x 29 cm. SCARCE.
70 €Not Sold
Cyprus, lot of four Egyptian stationery wrappers of two mils green, sent from Alexandria to Larnaca and Limassol respectively on 11/2/1898, 4/3/1898 (two) and 13/3/1898. All with "T" and "1c.p." used for taxation which causes its refusal by the recipients. All with arrival cancels, three on back and one on front (Limassol). SCARCE.
160 €210 €
Egypt, 1870s lot of ten stamps used in the Egyptian foreign offices, six used in Costantinopoli and four in Smirne. NICE.
30 €35 €
Egypt, used stamps in the Egyptian foreign offices. 1Piastre rose stamp De La Rue issued on 1/April/1879, used in "POSTE EGIZIANE 4/APR/1879 COSTANTINOPOLI" most probably first day of use in Constantinople. Vertical pair of 20 paras blue also in "POSTE EGIZIANE 6/MAR/1881 COSTANTINOPOLI" used for short time before the closure of the office on 30/6/1881. NICE AND SCARCE.
30 €30 €
Egypt, stationery cover of two Piastre orange, sent registered from Chabas on 25/2/1889 to Samalout. The letter did not reach the addressee and due to lack of the name of the consigner, it was delivered to the Rebut office (dead letters). Nice orange square seal "REBUT A REMETTRE A L'ENVOYEUR 1/IV/1889" and two "BUREAU DES REBUTS EGYPTE" orange small seals on back. VERY NICE COVER FOR EXHIBITION.
40 €40 €
Egypt, lot of three Egyptian stationery wrappers sent from Alexandria, two of 1 mils brown and one two mils green. The two 1 mils sent to Mansura and Cairo the two mils to Mersina, Turkey. All refused, they were returned to the sender. The two domestic have on the verso the rectangular bilingual seal "REFUSE'". INTERESTING.
60 €Not Sold
Egypt, post card to Alger franked with strip of four 1mils fellucas stamp cancelled exceptionally with the french military cancel "CORR. D'ARMEES * ALEXANDRIE 17 AVRIL 15" and partially with the violet seal "LE COMMANDANT DU DETACHEMENT 3 Zouaves" and "Le Vaguemetre du 3eme Couaves". NICE.
30 €Not Sold
Egypt, military free postage post card to Alger with the french military cancel "CORR. D'ARMEES * ALEXANDRIE 2 AVRIL 15". NICE.
15 €Not Sold
Egypt, 1928 FDC Statistical Congress (Michel n 138/140). VERY NICE.
20 €Not Sold
Egypt, 11/2/1929 FDC Farouk Prince's Ninth Birthday (Michel n 144/147). VERY NICE.
30 €30 €
Egypt, 1933 FDC International Railway Congress (Michel n 160/163). VERY NICE.
50 €50 €
Egypt, 1933 FDC International Aviation Congress (Michel n 186/190). VERY NICE.
60 €60 €
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