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Bahrain 1938/41, sixty-one copies (61) of 1 Rupee stamp in two big block, included the two bridges cross and some vertical bridges. CERTAINLY INTERESTING AND SCARCE.
200 €
Bahrain 1966, folding presentation souvenir, issued by Harrison & Sons, containing the complete stamps set with Shaikh Isa bin Salman portrait considered the first stamps issued by Bahrain's independent postal administration (SG n 139/150). VERY NICE AND SCARCE.
170 €
Bahrain 1990/1997, twenty (20) Advice of Delivery card form with different stamps and rate, all domestic. NICE.
30 €
Egypt, post card "KARNAK, Sphynx Street" ed Lichtenstern & Harari, franked for 4mils by 4 copies of 1ml sent on 8/1/1907 to England from the Hotel Savoy in Assuan who used his postal cancel "SAVOY HOTEL ASSOUAN". SCARCE.
20 €
Egypt 1941, unused official form for airgraph service with its 40mls stamp that was used to pay the costs of this special postal service also available to civilians. SCARCE.
30 €
Persia, domestic cover sent from YEZD on 26/4/(1903) to Teheran. Franked for 5ch lion Mozafar el-din Shah. Due to the increased rate, this stamp was used solo on cover for one year only. NICE.
20 €
Persia, official domestic cover sent from the court of ZENDJAN on 3011/1906 to Teheran. Franked for 6ch lion rose on blue Mohammad Ali Shah stamp. NICE.
20 €
Persia, silk Perschelk comp. advertising cover sent Registered from Rescht on 26/5/1926 to the URSS commercial representation in Milan, Italy. Franked for 1Kr and 10ch with 2ch x 2 and 13ch x2 "Regne de Pahlavi 1926" stamps. NICE.
20 €
Persia, air mail cover sent from Teheran on 16/6/1929 to Aachen, Germany via Moscow, URSS (24/6/1929). In addition to the postal cancel of Russian capital, postal cancellations of Berlin and Cologne were applied along with the respective red airmail postal seal.VERY NICE.
20 €
Persia, Registered air mail cover sent from Teheran on 15/6/1930 to Wilhelmshafen (23/6/1930), Germany via URSS. Berlin postal cancel applied along with the red square airmail seal. SCARCE PAPER SEAL USED of JUNKERS AIR COMPANY.
50 €
Persia, Registered domestic air mail cover sent from LINGAH on 16/12/1931 via Bouchir to Teheran. High franking for 5Kr and 17ch. SCARCE CANCEL.
30 €
Persia, OVERLAND (handwritten) cover sent from Bender Abbas on 23/12/1931 via Alep (30/12/1931) to Berlin. NICE AND SCARCE CANCEL.
20 €Sold at 20 €
Persia, Registered cover sent from Kirman #2 on 29/10/1934 to Funrstenwalde, Germany. Rightly franked for 3Kr. NICE AND SCARCE REGISTERED POSTAL SEAL.
20 €
Persia, air mail cover sent from Esfahan on 27/6/1949 to Switzerland. Franked for 9R with six copy of 1,50R "effort for victory". NICE.
20 €
Persia, interesting domestic cover sent Registered from Teheran on 1/12/1949 to NO.CHAHRE where it arrived on 3/12/1949. Resending the cover was applied the new NOW.CHARE cancel with the town
30 €
Persia, cover sent by surface service from Teheran on 18/2/1951 to Germany. Franked for 2,50R with five stamps. NICE.
20 €
Persia, official air mail cover sent from the British Embassy in Teheran on 17/8/1958 to Germany. Franked for 14R. NICE.
20 €
18Persia Stationery
Persia, uprated 5ch stationery card overprinted "PROVISOIRE 1319" with 1ch, sent from Teheran on 27/7/1907 to Germany (12/8/1907). INTERESTING AND SCARCE LATE USE "PROVISOIRE 1319" OVERPRINT.
50 €
19Persia Stationery
Persia, uprated 2ch stationery card with 3ch, sent from Teheran on 3/8/1914 to Germany. Due to the outbreak of World War was sent exceptionally via Turkey, rather than through the normal Russian route. Galata transit applied on 12/9/1914. EXCEPTIONAL, FOR EXIBITION.
200 €Sold at 200 €
20Persia Stationery
Persia, definitive 5ch stationery card "Hamad Shah", sent from Teheran on 6/1/1921 to a Post Card Editor in France (2/3/1921). In addition to the catalog's request, the sender asks for post cards with completly nude women (in French in the written text). INTERESTING "SINNER" STATIONERY.
30 €Sold at 40 €
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